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Successful trade show and event marketing campaigns must WOW audiences, ENGAGE visitors and SELL the brand. As you look to create your next successful campaign, consider some of these trade show ideas that have been proven to wow, engage and sell.

exhibit design matters

The design of an exhibit is the first element to wowing your audiences. You have less than three seconds to capture the attention and interest of a passerby on the trade show floor, so making an immediate big impact is critical.

For exhibitors with small exhibits, consider these creative small trade show exhibit ideas:

get creative inside your space

The average trade show attendee spends more than nine hours walking the exhibit hall floor, viewing exhibits. While a well-designed booth may wow audiences, what’s happening inside the exhibit must be engaging and memorable in order to vie for a portion of those nine hours.

Check out these trade show exhibit ideas that used different styles and tactics to engage visitors inside the exhibit.

sell to your goals

Prior to designing your trade show exhibit and campaign, you must establish your event marketing goals. From generating leads to closing sales to raising brand awareness, your trade show goals will determine much about your exhibit design and overall campaign.

For example, Datron’s primary event goal was to generate quality leads for their line of machining products. Nimlok’s expert exhibit partners designed Datron’s exhibit to capture interest and turn that interest into a qualified lead.

Trade Show Idea to Increase Leads

The exhibit showcased large machining products, front-and-center, in order to attract qualified individuals. Once the individuals were inside the exhibit space, booth staff had all of the necessary resources and tools to sell the Datron brand and line of products, including literature, videos and private consultation spaces. As a result of smart exhibit-design, Datron increased their leads by 25% compared to results from the same event the prior year.

Much of trade show and event marketing strategy depends greatly on your goals and objectives. For more creative trade show ideas for all types of exhibitors, download our Trade Show Ideas e-book and see 20+ creative ways exhibitors crafted their exhibit and campaign to achieve overall goals.

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