Improve Your Trade Show ROI

Five Moves You Can Make Today To Increase Your Trade Show ROI

Trade shows and events can be some of the most effective ways to achieve sales and growth goals, but they can also be the most expensive.

As marketers are being increasingly asked to do more with the same or less, Nimlok taps into its network of experts to bring you five actionable ways to lower costs and increase return at your next event.

bring your own supplies (and backups).

Nothing hurts more than paying a large amount of money to rent an extension cord. Plan on bringing your own supplies – such as cleaning supplies and rags, vacuum, steamer, extension cords and small tools – to help save on purchasing these items on the show floor.

plan for advanced warehousing.

Events often offer advanced warehousing windows for exhibitors who ship their displays to the show site ahead of time. Advance warehouse pricing is often deeply discounted on per pound rates, helping you save on drayage and other related logistical costs.

ask about a reconfigurable or rental exhibits.

Depending on the number of shows you participate in annually, there may be opportunities to reduce your display’s cost-per-event.

The first is to ask for a reconfigurable trade show exhibit. Reconfigurable exhibits are designed to fit spaces of multiple sizes, allowing you to get greater use out of one investment.

The second way to reduce your display’s cost-per-event is to consider renting either all or part of your exhibit. Rented components are roughly a third of the cost of purchasing those components, so – if you plan to use your exhibit fewer than three times – you might save more with a rental trade show exhibit.

embrace the media – social and traditional.

Marketers with well-planned social media and traditional media strategies can reap huge benefits in free brand exposure. This exposure adds valuable return to your event investment.

Identify which types of social media outlets best reach your target audience and focus your energies creating and sharing content in those platforms.

For traditional media, do your homework before the event to determine which media outlets will be covering the event and work to connect with media contacts before, during and after the event.

early bird event rates.

From hotel rooms to lead capture machines, as the event nears, prices will only increase. Many show contractors offer special rates for exhibitors that place orders or reservations before certain early bird deadlines. Check with show management for these early bird details.

While these little improvements can cut costs at trade shows and events, the largest savings come from strategic planning and measuring efforts. Download Nimlok’s Trade Show ROI Playbook to learn more about choosing events with the greatest potential, planning return-focused campaigns and objectively measuring overall results.

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