Portable Displays For Trade Shows

Quickly and easily make an impact with a portable display solution! Portable trade show displays are perfect for use in trade shows, conferences, corporate events, retail/commercial environments and more.

Portable displays, as the name implies, are designed to be fast and easy to set up, take down, store and ship. They can be used to create virtually any type of display to fit just about any type of exhibition space, making them a highly versatile and cost-effective solution. These displays are ideal for companies exhibiting at multiple shows, and include everything from full-scale exhibits to banner stands, table covers, collapsible displays, counters, and much more. The modular design of these solutions means they can be reconfigured to fit practically any space you may have while still making a lasting impression on attendees.

Portable displays for trade shows are often an inexpensive option when compared to fully custom exhibits. Despite this, portable exhibits and modular kits can easily have the same impact as a large scale display, and off-the-shelf kits can be customized to meet any need. Portable exhibits and banner stands come with custom, high-impact graphics, and accessory options like lighting and literature racks can be added to a display for additional branding and messaging opportunities. Our range of portable trade show exhibits are made from high-quality, durable materials, so they can be used indoors or outdoors and continue to have a lasting impact long after their first use.

Nimlok is proud to be the go-to supplier of portable trade show displays for customers across multiple sectors. The revolutionary lock-and-clip panel system, developed by founder Neil Nimmo, was the first modular display system in the industry and established us as leaders when it comes to creating customizable, versatile displays for all types of events. Since 1970, we have been recognized as the leaders in this particular niche, and we continue to bring brands to life through our innovative products. The expertise and know-how we bring to the table make us the go-to source for trade show display solutions.

Browse through a wide selection of stylish, movable displays. There is a solution available for every budget!

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are one of the easiest and most portable types of displays suitable for any environment. Choose from one of the widest selections of stylish banner stands, some with basic features and functionality, and others with lots of bells and whistles. Retractable, Telescopic, Spring Back, Fabric Frame and Illuminated Fabric Frame options are available. Find the perfect banner stand today!

Fabric Frame Banners

Fabric Banners feature high quality stretch graphics and are available in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. Fabric Banners are available in Formulate®, Modulate™, and Vector Frame™ lines, which can be formed into a custom modular display. Highly portable displays available in single and double sided options.

Fabric Light Boxes

Make your messaging stand out from the competition. Our wide range of fabric light boxes use LED lighting to provide bright, effective messaging that delivers an impact in retail, events, trade shows and more!

Hanging Banners

Hanging Banners clearly and effectively broadcast your brand and messaging in any environment. Choose from customizable and versatile Indoor or Outdoor Hanging Banners or the wide-ranging line of Hanging Structures to find the perfect advertising, messaging or branding solution.

Table Covers

Table covers are available in printed and imprinted options and various sizes.

Table runners add a polished look to any table top.

Collapsible Displays

Collapsible pop up displays are a highly portable display option that are available in a wide variety of sizes and feature many customization options. Choose from multiple product lines, including Hopup, Embrace, Xclaim and Coyote.

Folding Panels

Folding display boards offer a professional, portable solution that are simple to assemble. These panel displays come in a large range of sizes, from table top all the way to 20ft options.


Portable display kiosks are the perfect option for presenting multi-media messaging to your audience. Kiosks come with custom graphics for additional branding opportunity.


Counters act as a natural greeting area for your audience, making them the perfect addition to any display. Browse our extensive line of counters today!

Literature Racks

Present information to your audience quickly and effectively with literature holders. Perfect for maximizing exhibit space.

Display Lighting

Proper lighting in a display can make all the difference when it comes to attracting an audience and making your message stand out. Display lighting can be used for a multitude of displays.

Shipping Cases

Quality constructed Shipping cases are the number one option for protecting your exhibit and can be used for practically any display. These heavy duty cases are one of the best investments you can make!