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Five Big Trade Show Expenses In Your Trade Show Budgeting Worksheet And How To Save

Nimlok has helped clients plan for and execute trade show strategies since 1970. Below are five of the most common trade show expenses that can impact a trade show budget. To learn more about these expenses, download Nimlok's trade show budgeting worksheet, which contains a budgeting template and explanation of common trade show expenses and returns on investment.

  1. Exhibit space
    Exhibit space is typically 25-35% of the total event budget. Consider your overall budget as well as the composition of the trade show attendees when determining the right amount of space to contract per event. Events often offer early registration, which can save on the cost per square foot.
  2. Exhibit design
    Your trade show exhibit design should enable you to meet all of your exhibiting objectives. Working with an experienced exhibit designer can save in the long run, as designers can design exhibits that reconfigure, use less material and pack more efficiently.
  3. Exhibit transit
    Consult your event "exhibitor's kit" to identify shipping cut-off dates. Understanding these dates can help you avoid additional fees associated with late or close-to-deadline shipping.
  4. Drayage
    Drayage is the cost of venue professionals transporting your exhibit from the warehouse to your booth space. Rates are typically based on weight. Incorporating lightweight materials – such as fabric graphics – can help save on the cost of drayage.
  5. Installation and dismantle services
    Installation and dismantle (I&D) teams are responsible for setting up and tearing down your trade show exhibit. Smaller exhibits may not require I&D, but larger exhibits often do. This can be a costly expense, so work with your exhibit solutions provider to design a smart exhibit that can save on setup and tear-down man hours.

Nimlok's trade show budget worksheet will guide you in creating your own event budget. In addition, consider working with an expert Nimlok partner to build an exhibit solution that will meet your trade show objectives and budgeting goals. Connect with a Nimlok partner today.

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It is challenging to navigate the often complex costs associated with attending a trade show or event, but outlining a budget with a clear overview of total costs can help you save big. Nimlok's trade show budgeting worksheet highlights typical expenses associated with event marketing while also providing transparency in actual costs and true return. Complete the fields below and hit submit to receive your worksheet.