smart marketers guide to event marketing

Whether you are an experienced exhibitor or a novice looking to gain your footing in the trade show marketing world, trusting your smart marketer’s intuition is a great start. However, your smart marketer’s intuition will only carry you so far. Below, are tips for successfully navigating the pre-, in- and post-event stages of trade show planning, along with trade show marketing ideas to help prepare you for your next event.

Pre-event Marketing

The foundation of an effective trade show marketing campaign starts months before your event, so it is important to get a good head-start.

Pre-event marketing tips:

  • Sending engaging pre-event emails to clients and prospects is an effective way to generate buzz around your brand.
  • Building a landing page in support of your email campaign can help boost conversation and help you set meetings with prospects prior to your event.
  • Using your media contacts to publish press releases and articles about your company and your up-coming event can help draw-in new prospects.

In-event Marketing

Marketing on the trade show floor is where all the action is. Having the proper trade show strategies in place will help your organization increase trade show ROI.

In-event marketing tips:

  • Having a well-groomed and friendly staff helps attendees feel comfortable with approaching your booth and will leave a lasting impression on visitors.
  • In-event promotions such as giveaways, contest and games are effective at attracting crowds and helping staff engage attendees.
  • Product demonstrations can help pique the interest of passersby while also providing a real-time look at your company’s capabilities.

Post-event Marketing

After the event has ended, you and your team need to turn your attention to converting your newly acquired leads and prospects into clients.

Post-event marketing tips:

  • Make sure your sales team quickly follows up with prospects via phone or email to keep your company top-of-mind.
  • Create content, such as blog and social media posts, to cover the highlights of your trade show campaign.
  • Write a post-event report to outline where your staff excelled and where you need improvement for future reference.

To help exhibitors on their way to becoming trade show superstars, Nimlok has created Smart Marketers’ Guide to event marketing. Our guide takes a comprehensive look at all areas of event marketing and outlines trade show best practices to make sure you get the most out of your next event.

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