the best booth for your budget

Nimlok has helped clients plan for and execute trade show strategies since 1970. Knowing what type of exhibit falls within your required timeline and budget will help you plan and help you guide your exhibit partner in the right direction from the very start of your project.

Custom Exhibits

Completely custom exhibits require time for design, engineering and production, and with proper planning, result in unique, creative, customized exhibits that impress on the show floor.

Custom Modular

Semi-custom exhibits require a bit time for design and production than a portable exhibit, but can deliver the semi-custom display elements and unique look you require to make a unique impression.


Ready-made exhibit and display solutions, as well as rental exhibits, are ideal for an exhibitor who is working on a time timeline and budget. You can still achieve a unique look and create a great impression on the show floor with a ready-made display solution.

Nimlok's e-book “The Booth You Want for the Budget You Have” provides guidance and information about the timelines and costs associated to each type of exhibit – off-the-shelf, semi-custom and custom. Fill out the form to receive this useful guide.

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