Client's Comments

"The booth was fabulous! Nimlok North did such a wonderful job creating it. It worked perfectly and we were the talk of the Los Angeles Religious Education conference. Everyone, competitors mainly, ranted and raved about the booth and how spectacular it was."
Joanie Gamoke, Saint Mary’s Press Marketing & Customer Care Manager

Design Challenge
Saint Mary’s Press, a major publisher of Catholic teen bibles and educational texts, needed a large-scale exhibit to represent their brand and products at the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference. Their CEO wanted the exhibit to be unmistakably “Saint Mary’s” with an increased focus on branding compared to their previous exhibits. In addition to instant brand recognition, Saint Mary’s needed the booth to accommodate an expanded line of book titles and creatively introduce their newest print and digital Catholic Children’s Bible.

Design Solution
Nimlok North worked to understand Saint Mary’s Press’ needs and goals and created a 20’x40’ exhibit that captured exactly what Saint Mary’s Press envisioned. Hanging structures garnered attention from all angles of the floor and smart use of space and custom shelving created better sight lines and traffic flow while accommodating Saint Mary’s Press’ expanded line of books. Half the exhibit design was dedicated to the launch of their print and digital Catholic Children’s Bible. Presented with an “old world” theme, it featured a large scale fabric replica of the book, and integrated an LCD screen and tablets, that allowed visitors to test and experience the interactive E-bible right on the show floor.