Client's Comments

"The General Conference Session of the Seventh-Day Adventist is our church's largest gathering. The North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church needed more than just display solutions, we also needed help organizing, managing and setting up our exhibits. Adler Displays helped us coordinate everything from top to bottom. Their experience and professionalism put to bed any worries we had about getting everything done correctly and on time."
Brad Forbes, Director of AdventSource

Design Challenge
Held every five years, the General Conference Session is the official global meeting of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. For the 60th General Conference Session, the North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and their agency, Dever Designs, needed help designing and managing the more than 40 exhibits they commissioned for the event.

Design Solution
Adler Display, a Maryland-based authorized Nimlok dealer, and Dever Designs, worked together to design and manage a series of over 40 rental exhibit solutions for the North American Division. Adler Display opened Nimlok’s extensive rental catalog to Dever Design, who then handpicked a series of high-impact, budget-friendly trade show rental displays for North American Division. Adler Display’s team of event management specialist helped coordinate the setup of each booth, taking care to make sure each display was assembled properly and on time. Adler Display also assisted in hanging fabric structures, laying inlayed carpet and dismantling and packing each of the exhibits. Adler Display made sure that North American Division had a smooth and trouble-free exhibition at the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas.