Client's Comments

"Nimlok Michigan and Fleet Engineers have worked together and collaborated on several exhibit solutions over the years. Most recently, Fleet Engineers’ wanted to develop a new presence to help launch their new market focus. So, we designed a reconfigurable exhibit that would work with Fleet’s trade show space needs and show circuit."
Kevin Sacharski, Inside Accounts Manager, Nimlok Michigan

Design Challenge
Fleet Engineers, a truck and trailer equipment manufacturer plans to participate in various shows throughout the year and needed a flexible, versatile exhibit that would effectively communicate a recently-introduced rebranding effort. The exhibit needed to also focus on their four main product lines via graphic messaging and in-booth product displays.

Design Solution
Nimlok collaborated with Fleet Engineers to design a 10’ x 20’ inline exhibit built using modular sections that could be modified for future shows. The Fleet Engineers brand was featured on vibrant backlit banners and accents throughout the booth, instantly drawing the eyes of passersby and leaving a lasting visual impression on those who engaged with booth staff. The booth also creatively incorporated Fleet Engineers’ Spray Master fender as a curving reception counter that served as a functional meeting space as well as a clever product display. To modify the exhibit for a later show—and a smaller 10’ x 10’ space—Nimlok replaced the graphics on one 10ft section of the backwall and added freestanding banner stands. With these changes, Fleet Engineers could communicate the same messaging in a smaller space. To incorporate products in the smaller space, the fender reception counter was replaced with a mockup of a big rig featuring Fleet Engineers’ Aero Saver side skirt. Nimlok was able to deliver a smartly-designed scalable exhibit that helped Fleet Engineers maximize their branded impact while keeping their products in focus and budget under control.