Client's Comments

"I have known the CEO of Convergent Dental for many years and we have a trusted relationship rooted in a mutual desire for success on and off the trade show floor."
- Joe Guarino, Vice President of Sales, IDEC Displays

Design Challenge
Convergent Dental is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company and developer of Solea®, a computer-aided CO2 laser system.

For the Greater New York Dental show, Convergent Dental wanted to expand an existing 10' x 10' exhibit property to host consultations and showcase products to prospects on the floor.  

The exhibit also needed to bolster Convergent Dental's brand with attention-grabbing design elements. 

Design Solution
Convergent Dental partnered with long-time trusted Nimlok dealer, IDEC Displays, to expand an existing 10' x 10' exhibit to fit a 20' x 20' space.

To enlarge Convergent Dental's exhibiting area, the incumbent exhibit structure was repositioned in a corner of the space, allowing more room for Convergent Dental's products and seating areas. Convergent Dental's staff could actively engage prospects with its products in an open and engaging way.
For heightened brand prominence, an intricately designed hanging-sign bearing Convergent Dental's logo adorned with a collection of brand-inspired plexi panels hung over the center of the exhibit.