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Orex - 30x50 custom exhibit

client's comments

"After doing business with Nimlok in Boston for over a decade, I knew I could trust them with our most ambitious project to date. Given the challenge to create an aesthetically "awesome," modern booth that would also be inviting to customers, Nimlok rose and helped me achieve all my objectives brilliantly."
Liliana Bachrach, Independent Marketing Consultant, Orex

ways to share:

design challenge

Orex wanted a new custom trade show exhibit that would be dynamic in design and create an open and inviting feel. They wanted their customers to be able to move around freely in the space and feel welcome. The booth design needed to exude the creativity that is undertaken in the Orex products. The incorporation of exciting graphics that presented their products and capabilities was a must, but beyond that, there needed to be a more exciting element that would stand out and keep the flow of traffic continuous.

design solution

Although there was quite a bit of space in the booth, there were not a lot of surfaces to place graphics on. The large configuration in the center of the custom trade show exhibit was created as a way to open up the exhibit space as well as separate out an area to display the product. Sweeping graphics were hung from extrusion in the center structure laying out Orex's capabilities. Two areas for video presentations were also created within the large graphics this helped to increase the amount of content that was able to be presented. There were meeting areas set up on either side of the center structure and reception desks on two sides of the custom trade show exhibit. You essentially were able to enter the space from any direction and understand the theme of the booth.

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