Modular Displays Frequently Asked Questions 

Modular displays provide exhibitors with a custom-looking exhibit that can adapt and evolve from show to show. Using standardized components as building blocks, custom modular displays can be reconfigured to fit multiple spaces and customized to fit multiple needs.

what are modular trade show displays?

Modular trade show displays are built using standardized pieces that allow for an exhibit that meets your needs but still remains flexible for additional modifications such as reconfigurations, scaling, accessory additions and more. Nimlok offers over 50 off-the-shelf modular trade show displays as well as limitless customized modular exhibits, so you’ll be sure to find a design that fits both your budget and your brand. To learn more about Nimlok’s modular display capabilities, download our free modular exhibit brochure.


why should I choose a modular trade show display?

Since modular trade show displays are built using standardized pieces, they are easy to modify from show-to-show, making them a good option for the multi-show exhibitor.

Other advantages of modular displays:

Cost-effective alternative to custom trade show exhibits

Built using high quality, recyclable aluminum, maximizing the life of the display while also being eco-friendly

Can be accessorized and updated to meet the evolving needs of an exhibitor


how are modular displays used?

Modular trade show displays are commonly used at trade shows and conferences, but can also be adopted for use in retail environments, museums, award ceremonies and other face-to-face environments.

De La Rosa - 10x30 - custom modular exhibit


what accessories can I pair with my modular trade show display?

Accessorizing a modular trade show display can add the finishing touches to any exhibit. Modular trade show displays can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories including stand-alone kiosks, literature racks, display lighting, counters and iPad stands.


how do I care for my modular trade show display?

Modular trade show displays are durable and designed to weather the rigors of regular transport, setup and dismantling. That said, exhibitors can take steps to ensure they extend the life of their modular trade show display.

Tips for maintenance and upkeep:

Follow assembly and disassembly instructions provided with your modular trade show display

Follow packaging instructions when transporting and storing your modular trade show display

Be careful when cleaning laminate graphics, dampening the edges can cause pealing

Avoid attaching post-it notes, tape and other adhesive-based product to display graphics 

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