Custom Exhibits Frequently Asked Questions

Nimlok specializes in manufacturing custom exhibits and structures. We incorporate a wide range of styles, textures and sensory elements, resulting in an exhibit that is a unique reflection of a company’s individuality, character and creativity.

what are custom trade show exhibits?

Custom trade show exhibits are made-to-order exhibits that are built to meet the specialized design needs and requirements of an exhibitor. Each exhibit is unique and includes a wide variety of custom fabricated materials such as wood, fabric, laminates, glass and plastics. Since custom exhibits are made-to-order, they can be any size, from smaller 10’ x 10’ designs to larger-scale exhibits

Trilliant - 40x100 - trade show exhibit


how long does it take to build a custom trade show exhibit?

The length of time it takes to build a custom trade show exhibit varies based on size and the needs of the exhibitor. It is advised that you commission your exhibit at least 90 days or more before your trade show for exhibit sizes of 20’ x 20’or smaller. Allow more time for larger exhibits.


why should I choose a custom trade show exhibit?

Because custom trade show exhibits are custom-built, they offer exhibitors a chance to design a highly-personalized exhibit unique to their brand. Custom trade show exhibits typically require a larger budget than custom modular exhibits, but are invaluable for exhibitors looking to make a statement on the trade show floor with an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Other advantages of custom trade show exhibits:

Opportunity for highly-creative product displays and exhibits, accents and environments

Cabpable of uniquely displaying products on the trade show floor

Ideal for large-scale exhibits or exhibits with special needs, such as being multi-storied or needing spaces for food preparation and storage or stage-like presentation areas


how do you set up a custom trade show exhibit?

Because of the scale and complexity of a custom exhibit, its assembly requires experienced installation and dismantle (I&D) professionals. Read more about exhibit installation and dismantle services.


how do I care for my custom trade show exhibit?

Custom trade show exhibits are an investment, so making sure that they are properly cared for is extremely important.

Tips for maintenance and upkeep:

Contract an experienced and reputable I&D team familiar with custom exhibits

Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning materials on graphics, counters and other surfaces

Make sure all components and parts are accounted for before packing the exhibit

Follow packaging instructions when transporting and storing your custom trade show display

Store your custom trade show exhibit in a temperature controlled, secure place or with a reputable exhibit storage services company

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