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nimlok releases trade show planning and budgeting tools for exhibitors

nimlok releases trade show planning and budgeting tools for exhibitors


Nimlok®, a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, is happy to announce a library of new trade show planning tools, which are available for free on Nimlok's website.

Nimlok's trade show and event planning guides and tools are designed to help exhibitors plan for and manage the costs and expenses related to face-to-face marketing while also tracking sales, leads and brand exposure value.

"Nimlok has been offering trade show and exhibit solutions to clients across the world for 45 years," said Natalie Whited, vice president of marketing of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group. "Event planning and budgeting is a common practice for exhibitors, which is why we created a library of tried-and-true tools to help exhibitors."

The tools include:

  • Smart Marketers Guide to Event Marketing: This guide walks the reader through the steps necessary for an effective marketing campaign surrounding a trade show or event. This includes creating goals and objectives, buyer personas and pre-, during- and post- show marketing strategies.
  • Trade Show Budget Worksheet: To help exhibitors plan resources for a trade show, the budget worksheet highlights common costs associated with exhibiting and offers guidance into dollar allocation. The worksheet also includes common ROI factors to help exhibitors understand the reward of attending a trade show in relation to expenses.
  • Rental Trade Show Exhibits Guide: This guide works to answer the common question, "Is trade show exhibit rental right for you?" Evaluating time, functionality and costs, this guide will help exhibitors if a rental exhibit would benefit their face-to-face marketing program.

"Nimlok is committed to making trade show easy," said Whited. "We continue to develop resources, guides and tools to help educate all types of exhibitors."

Nimlok, a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group™, a global leader in delivering face-to-face marketing experiences, including trade show exhibits, event environments and permanent solutions for branding spaces. Now in its fourth decade, Nimlok works via a network of 200 partners in 56 countries to provide strategy and execution in custom modular design, construction, installation, dismantling and storage. www.nimlok.com

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