Day Mark 40x50 island exhibit

Client Name: Day Mark

Design #: 102548V1

Size: 40x50

This impressive large-scale island exhibit’s dimensions are 40’ x 50’ making it a force to be reckoned with on the show floor. Attendees will be draw to the colorful fabric graphic work and sleek laminate paneling the comprise most of the exhibit. A wave-like branded fabric structure sits proudly atop the exhibit helping broadcast the space across the show. Monitor mounts and product shelving can both be utilize to highlight products visually and in person giving visitors a better understanding of the brands capabilities. Finally a smartly-designed counter gives booth staffers a place to greet visitors and a private conference room adds space for one-on-one engagement.

Additional Options:

  • Laminate Panels
  • Private Conference
  • Kiosks

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