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Eagle Roofing - 20x40 custom modular exhibit

client's comments

"Eagle Roofing decided to work with us because of our end-to-end consultative approach. We discussed their needs and budget and then set expectations on deliverables. From our first meeting to our initial design and first proposal, we delivered on our promises to the client."
- Matt Kleinrock, Vice President, Nimlok Orlando

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design challenge

Eagle Roofing is a roofing tile and accessory manufacturer, specializing in concrete roof tile manufacturing and innovation. Eagle Roofing wanted to enhance their brand’s profile, meet with new clients and prospects and showcase a range of products. The exhibit needed to maintain Eagle Roofing’s modern, clean brand image, while providing booth staff with the space and resources to showcase and sell Eagle Roofing’s products.

design solution

Nimlok Orlando partnered with Eagle Roofing to design and build an attention-grabbing 20’ x 20’ exhibit for the 2016 International Roofing Expo. To enhance Eagle Roofing’s profile on the show floor, Nimlok Orlando constructed a primary archway structure adorned with branded graphics. A miniature model roof creatively showcased Eagle Roofing’s products and allowed attendees to interact with them on the show floor. A freestanding display tower equipped with multi-media, product samples and a built-in storage closet accommodated Eagle Roofing’s booth staff needs. A branded reception counter placed at the entrance of the exhibit served as a place to greet attendees. By enhancing their on-the-floor profile, Eagle Roofing was able to attract larger crowds at any previous face-to-face events than. The creative in-booth product displays enabled Eagle Roofing’s sales team to better showcase products to visitors, identify more prospects and add more opportunities to their sales pipeline.

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