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Bic Pen - Large-Scale custom modular exhibit

client's comments

"For any company that participates in a variety of different types and sizes of shows, a modular booth is the answer. It's more cost effective than purchasing a different booth for each show."
Paul Lage, Global VP, Bic

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design challenge

Build one custom trade show exhibit versatile enough to reconfigure for multiple uses throughout the year. Booth design needs to showcase a wide array of products. Want booth to be open and inviting with a contemporary look and feel.

design solution

This trade show booth uses truss in yellow with blue and white laminate panels to build a large aisle-sppan custom trade show exhibit in Bic's signature colors. Truss ties all elements together, directs attention to large overhead fabric sign and provides structural integrity. Angled light boxes at entrance invite attendees into the booth. Custom features including showcase displays, slot wall panels, storage drawers and light box graphics allow Bic to merchandise a wide variety of products and to easily reconfigure the exhibit.

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