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Aclara Rebranding - 40x40 custom modular exhibit

client's comments

"Aclara was impressed with the 40’ x 40’ exhibit we designed for them previously, so when it came time for a graphics update, they trusted us to make their exhibit shine on the show floor."
- Andy Blanton, Account Executive, Nimlok St. Louis

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design challenge

In 2015, Aclara partnered with Nimlok St. Louis to design an impressive 40’ x 40’ reconfigurable exhibit solution. For their 2016 trade show program, Aclara wanted to appear fresh and needed updated graphics to reflect their recent rebranding campaign. The graphics update needed to align with Aclara’s new branding, as well as with the products they planned to demonstrate on the show floor. In addition to new graphics, Aclara wanted functional water meters incorporated into the design for more hands-on product engagement and additional space for visitor consultations.

design solution

Aclara worked with expert Nimlok dealer, Nimlok St. Louis, to update their existing 40' x 40' exhibit with new graphics, giving the exhibit a new look while remaining cost-effective. The updated graphics reflected Aclara's rebranding efforts with soft hues of blue intermixed with clean white backgrounds, helping visually represent the water management solutions they wanted to showcase to visitors.

Aclara Original Booth Graphics
Aclara Rebranded Graphics


Each of the exhibit's four workstations where outfitted with updated placards to communicate Aclara's water management capabilities and functional water management systems were added to demonstrate Aclara's products and expertise. The theater space from the original design was replaced with a client consultation area for booth staffers to meet and engage with visitors. Nimlok St. Louis' exhibit makeover reinvigorated Aclara's trade show program and helped them better communicate their company's capabilities on the show floor.

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