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Since our humble beginnings in 1970, Nimlok has remained committed to producing innovative, high-quality portable booth exhibits and displays. Move through the graphic timeline below to learn more about the Nimlok story.


meet the founders of nimlok

Nimlok owes its founding to a creative inventor with a vision and a businessman with a plan.

neil nimmo

Neil Nimmo was a British-born Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot, commercial photographer and businessman. Nimmo flew numerous bomber missions during the Second World War as a Flight Lt. and pilot in the RAF. At the war’s end, Nimmo began a successful career as a commercial photographer, inventor and businessman, founding Nimlok LTD, a trade show display company, in 1970.

In need of a portable, travel-friendly photography backdrop for his commercial photography business, Nimmo designed a clip-and-panel portable backdrop system using standard, rectangular panels clipped together to form a wall. The wall size could be adjusted with the addition or removal of panel pieces, While his clip-and-panel system was an ideal solution for traveling photographers, Nimmo found a better suited and more viable application for his invention in the exhibition and display industry. Nimmo asked Gordon Wixley, his personal accountant, and long-time friend Gerald Perutz, for advice on how to commercialize his invention. 

gerald perutz

The concept behind Nimlok exhibits was developed by Neil Nimmo, but Nimlok would not be what it is today without Gerald Perutz. Born in Vienna, Austria, Gerald immigrated to England – where he and Neil met and became friends – before settling in Chicago in the United States. There, Gerald saw opportunity for Nimlok in the US market and opened the first Nimlok US distributorship in 1981 with his son, Simon. 

Other Nimlok distributorships were opened in the following years, including Nimlok Milwaukee in 1981 and Nimlok Minnesota in 1987. Gerald had a vision for a far greater operation and formed the P3 Group with his sons, Simon and Tim. Since its founding, the P3 Group has grown to include 15 trade show exhibit and display companies worldwide that employs over 600 people across eight countries. What began as a vision for the commercialization of a portable photography backdrop has grown into a global company dedicated to the creation of end-to-end trade show exhibit solutions.

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